Akanishi Jin Ω 赤西 仁 (dreamsdriven) wrote in royalshuffleooc,
Akanishi Jin Ω 赤西 仁

small hiatus!

Hello lovelies~

I've been down with a headache + cough + fever + sorethroat for some days now and I'm afraid this has rendered me quite incapable of operating properly, what with such an sickly brain. XD 

So till I stop coughing my lungs out and my body decides to stop being a walking viral plague of sorts ;_______; , Jin and I will be on a teeny recovery hiatus till the end of this weekend. Apologies to Yuujin-mun, Pi-mun, Maki-mun, Toma-mun, Chinen-mun, Yamada-mun, Aoi-mun, Shirotan-mun, Leah-mun, Erika-mun and anyone I may have missed out but still owe a reply too, be it rp-wise or ooc-wise.

Everyone's favourite prince will be back
soon and smexier perkier than ever, I promise! >:D
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