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9th-Jun-2009 05:39 pm - Dropping
I really do not want to do this especially when I've plotted with people but I'm afraid it's inevitable. These past few days have been hectic and I couldn't keep up with the rp at all. And so Leah, Ryo and I take a bow. It's been great meeting new people and wish you all the best in the future! Good-bye!
9th-Jun-2009 09:00 pm - I'm back :)
so much cuter than you
Well, it seems I didn't miss much.

26th-May-2009 10:40 am - Mod Post #7
The Royal Shuffler
Hello everyone! 

No overly lengthy mod post for today (hurray! xD). Just a short notice that a new weather post will not be posted this week, and the 9th Day of Spring shall be extended since there is a group log going on and I'll love for as many characters to join in as possible.

I hope that those who had or are having finals / exams over the past week are doing well so far! =)
12th-May-2009 06:08 pm - Semi-hiatus!
I'm going on an semi-hiatus until wednesday or thursday of next week. I need to prepare for my exams (not to mention, I've been sick lately) so sadly, I won't be around that much . My apologies to the other muns especially to Erika-mun. I will reply to the log this weekend, I promise. So 'till next week, guys!
8th-May-2009 01:00 am - small hiatus!
Hello lovelies~

I've been down with a headache + cough + fever + sorethroat for some days now and I'm afraid this has rendered me quite incapable of operating properly, what with such an sickly brain. XD 

So till I stop coughing my lungs out and my body decides to stop being a walking viral plague of sorts ;_______; , Jin and I will be on a teeny recovery hiatus till the end of this weekend. Apologies to Yuujin-mun, Pi-mun, Maki-mun, Toma-mun, Chinen-mun, Yamada-mun, Aoi-mun, Shirotan-mun, Leah-mun, Erika-mun and anyone I may have missed out but still owe a reply too, be it rp-wise or ooc-wise.

Everyone's favourite prince will be back
soon and smexier perkier than ever, I promise! >:D
7th-May-2009 05:02 pm - OOC : Idea, y/n?
smile confident
Greetings all. This mun is having a blast so far, plotting and getting into the rp. ♥ Can't get enough!

Anyway, I just wanted to ask everyone (especially Mod-san) if anyone thought it would be a good idea to have a post in each muse's journal for letters? I actually thought of this already when I started the ongoing log between Ryo and Erika, but Aoi's recent invitation prodded me further to make this proposal.

Simply put, I would make a post on Erika's journal that acts as the receiving body of any letters, so a correspondence could be carried on there. After all, this is a period where people had to communicate through ink and paper, so I wondered if we could use it as a way to rp in the first person point of view.

What do you all think? This is just a humble suggestion from me, so do point out whatever you think needs pointing out.
5th-May-2009 12:38 pm - OOC Discussion : Group Log?
Hello all, please forgive this flighty mun here; one week away and so many changes have occured!

I've been toying with the idea of posting a group log (egged on by Jin-mun and to a small extent Toma-mun) and should start banking on Aoi's reputation as a party-loving socialite... would anyone be up for coming down to a ball or a party hosted by this humble Viscountess? A ball would be more formal and whimsical, no doubt. A party on the otherhand would probably be smaller scale but grand nonetheless, and allows for more... um, intimacy and getting up close and personal with one another?

Any requests, themes for the ball/party, please please please feel free to send them my way!
Aoi-chan would be most happy to oblige if it is within her means.

Oh and invitation will be open to everyone, that's for sure.
=D Just so that all our characters can have a chance to get together and interact!
1st-May-2009 10:34 am - いってきます![HIATUS]
innocent love
hiatus orz

Excuse us as the mun speeds off south for a holiday~!

The Queen of Estienne will be on hiatus for the next few days as her mun will be indisposed and without internet as she plunges into the wilderness called youth. >D

Apologies to Yuumod-sama, Yamapi-mun, Jin-mun and to everyone else that Maki's character would be leaving, and especially to Chinen-mun, whom I promised to log with today but silly ol' me forgot that my weekend would be spent away from civilisation (maybe we can do it tomorrow?). :3

Hopefully I get to ninja once in a while *cough*like right now*cough* when I see a wifi spot. :Dv

18th-Apr-2009 10:21 pm - Hiatus Post~
On hiatus while my muse and I flee the country~!  Including packing, travelling and the doubtless number of misfortunes that will befall us on the way, we should be back in a week or so.  Sorry!
9th-Apr-2009 10:39 am(no subject)
Hi guys. ♥

I'm really sorry I have to do this, but I won't be around until around the 15th. Something came up. It's complicated. orz My apologies to everyone, especially, Maki-mun, Yamada-mun and Ryutaro-mun.
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