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Trove of Treasures: The Kingdom of Estienne


For the past centuries, Estienne has proven itself to be a most powerful and influential nation, governing even those territories that are far beyond its borders with an iron-clad hand. Famous for its supreme and ever growing militia, the kingdom and its people bow to no one. The line of kings that have sat upon its mighty throne are all adept leaders, able to serve the people honestly and justly.

The last change of ruling hands, however, seemed to have put a quick descent on the Kingdom's once shining star and fortunes.

Tasked with governing an impressive kingdom, the new ruler was a boy-King who then had to rely heavily upon the guidance of men who were older, more experienced and knowledgeable in the art of politics. These trusted men, however, turned out to be masters of deceit, manipulating the new King accordingly, taking the power slowly from the unsuspecting Royal. Disputes in Court brewed until finally, it has been divided into two factions – one whose loyalty lies with the King, and the other with a Duke, who also has a powerful claim to the throne.

The King's current stand on the war between Estienne and the neighboring Aquitania, with whom they fought a long and bitter war, was the smoking gun. For a populace who prided in their homeland's triumphs, a treaty between their Kingdom and its rival was unacceptable.

One faction, the House of Avalon sees this concession as a weakness, much less a valid solution to the conflicts between Estienne and Aquitania. Instead, they believe the kingdom should pursue the course of war in order to win back what was previously their rightful territory. Alongside the continual loss of land came the shutting down of much trade with other parts of the realm, as former Estiennian trading ports and routes were forcibly taken over by Aquitanian authorities who once again controlled the area.

On the other hand, The House of Wyndham remains faithful to the current monarch, rallying for his continued reign despite the widespread belief that he is incapable of doing so. This faction favors cultivating a diplomatic, if not friendly relationship with their former adversary, even if it meant losing more land and resources. To the countryfolk residing in the borders of Estienne, this peace settlement is a more popular choice for they have witnessed and experienced first hand the side effects of war more than those in the central regions. As simple folk, their main concern is a short-term one -- a stable and peaceful home they can live in.
{ The Kingdom's Ruling Dynasty }

The King: (played by Kitagawa Yujin, sumiresmile) inherited the throne at the tender age of two. His mother died earlier from a strange disease unknown to physicians. His Father, the previous ruler, re-married shortly after the former Queen's death.

The King is more interested in religion rather than in stately affairs. His lack of shrewdness and wisdom in governing a kingdom, both in diplomatic and military rule, not only resulted in a constant loss of foreign territories but also a sharp decline in the kingdom's treasury. This also came at a time when Estienne was at war with the neighboring Aquitania, propelling the advisers to take action and to negotiate with the neighboring land in an attempt at making peace, which resulted in the King’s political marriage to one of the most powerful nobles in Aquitania.

The Queen: (played by Horikita Maki, bijinnonamida) Married to the king at the young age of sixteen, the Queen is a former duchess, hailing from Aquitania. She now aides her husband in ruling the kingdom of Estienne.

The Prince / Duke of Clement: (played by Akanishi Jin, dreamsdriven) Second son of the previous king, half-brother to The King and current heir to the throne. He grew up under the brief tutelage of his mother before she passed away. The Elder Earl of Oberon took over as the young prince’s mentor until his death in one of the battles against Aquitania.

Earl of Oberon: (played by Ikuta Toma, ry_toma) First son of the Elder Earl of Oberon. The Elder Oberon was the wealthiest and is highly influential amongst his peerage, as a result of fortunes of marriage and inheritance. His son, the Younger Earl, is no less capable as demonstrated by his knighting at the young age of eighteen. He entered the service of the King shortly after and now serves as a close friend-cum-confidant to the King in his dead father's footsteps, alongside another long-time adviser, the Duke of Tyndall.

Duke of Tyndall: (played by Yamashita Tomohisa, letsdukeitout) Cousin and mentor to the King at a young age, a key character who influences the Court’s gradual split into two rival factions – Wyndham and Avalon. His rivalry with the Duke of Morrigan due to difference in political stands and competition over wealth is in danger of escalating into a great conflict.

Duke of Morrigan: Also a cousin to the King. Due to both of his parents being of direct royal descent, his claim to the throne is arguable the best after the Duke of Clement and above all other cousins of the King. His rivalry with the Duke of Tyndall arises not only from their differences, but also jealousy over the frequent displays of the King's favor of Tyndall over him.

Earl of Greene: Head of a respected noble family in the kingdom. Violent conflicts with the Earl of Norwulf over land disputes threaten to blur the lines of personal rivalry and dynastic turbulence.

Earl of Norwulf: (played by Yamada Ryosuke, akumanohane) Head of another respected noble family in the kingdom. An unrelenting foe of the Earl of Greene and political rival as well, due to support of different factions.

Earl of Seaworth: Also the head of a respected noble family of Estienne. She, too, joins the frat evolving from the gradually growing cracks between the two factions of the court.


{ The Kingdom's Children }

Council of Lords (Wyndham and Avalon): The legislative body consisting of nobility and clergymen occupying senior positions; the Council serves to advise the King and royalty. Members are chosen based on their descent, lineage rights or special services rendered to the Kingdom that warrant the title of a lord/noble. This Council holds more authority due to the influence and power wielded by the aristocracy.

General Assembly: Serves the same purpose as the Council of Lords, only that it is the voice of the common people instead of the nobility. Members of the Assembly are elected mainly from the business and merchant classes, borough and shire representatives, land owners and the like. Though less powerful than the Council, it has been growing in recognition and holds sizable representation in parliament.

Townspeople: Inhabitants of the city capital and towns, they reside in the main seat of power, the kingdom’s capital. A large majority of businessmen and merchants make up this group and are also one of the first group of people to bear the brunt of trade decline and widespread social disorder as a result of the failing economic system. The conditions of the Queen's marriage to the King -- the cession of some former territories to the rival Kingdom Aquitania -- is also highly unpopular with the populace. As such, the townspeople are generally more discontented with the current rule.

Countryfolk: Inhabitants of the countryside, more rural areas and borders of the kingdom, they are more distanced from the center of politics. The King and Queen are hence more welcome there as compared to the capital.

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