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Hello all! :)

1) First and foremost, let the roleplaying begin! =D You may now head over to the main community to start up logs and so on. The start of each new "day" in RP terms will be indicated by a post stating the weather and date.

2) Still in progress... the geography / meteorology / religion / basic kingdom information post which I promised you. I apologize for the delay! Once again, feedback and contributions are very much welcome, I'll love to hear your inputs. :)

3) We wish Kamenashi-mun who recently had to pull out of the Royal Shuffle the best of luck! ♥ 

4) On the other hand, I'm also happy to announce that we have a few new additions to the community, so do remember to update your friends list. Welcome, welcome! =D

5) Last but not least a final reminder for the week: For those who still have yet to to turn IP Logging off for your muse journal(s), please kindly do so.

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