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Community Precepts

Hello! You have reached the Community Rules page. Please take time to read through this page carefully.

{ Community Precepts }

1. This roleplay community works on the system of anonymity. Personal/real-life journals, and comments made from such will not be accepted. Moreover, everyone is required to turn IP Address logging OFF, in an effort to respect the privacy of the players. If IP logging for a journal has not been disabled, depending on the situation, it will be dealt with accordingly.

2. Besides JE artists, female and male JE-related muses can also be claimed. Please check the Backdrop Post to have an initial feel of who the characters of the RP are.

            By the term female and male JE-related muses, this encompasses all actors, actresses, models and group acts that have been directly linked to a Johnny's, such as a former co-actor/actress in dramas and/or movies, real-life buddies, schoolmates, former (or current) love interest of a Johnny or rumoured to have been involved with a Johnny all fall under this category. Claims for persons indirectly linked to a JE such as a solo artist having sung a theme song for a movie/drama that a Johnny had appeared in, other groups in the music industry, look-alikes, artists who became guests in variety shows hosted by a Johnny and anything else that do not fall under the Directly Linked category are still welcome but will be screened and approved with discretion.

3. A player is allowed to hold up to three characters, but should you be unable to devote enough time and effort to all muses, those who have not been played for a period of time may be subject to being listed in the Hangman's List (see this page). This may not be fully monitored, but the moderator has ways to discern if a player has claimed more than the maximum, so please do not attempt to do so. ;)

            If you decide on claiming a second (or third) muse, claiming them under another House is highly recommended. This is to avoid one from interacting with one's muses, and to minimise the occurrence of claiming a convenient character for ease of execution of your initial character's plans.

           In an effort to promote interaction with everyone, player-wise and character-wise, no two members of one JE group (or any group) may be placed in a direct sibling relationship, i.e., Brothers/Stepsiblings.

4. Make sure that the character you claim has realistic capabilities and is within reasonable age. Portraying Nakajima Yuuto as a forty-year-old general, or Domoto Koichi as a fifteen-year-old servant, would be unacceptable.

5. Logging must be done via RP journals; any other medium (such as gdocs, AIM, MSN, etc.) are discouraged.

Once you have read and fully understood the rules, then you may proceed applying here.

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