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Ooc Comm 
8th-Apr-2009 08:55 am - 0409
something's amiss

Happy Birthday Tomohisa!

Because it's Tomo-chan's birthday, I shall go celebrate and would therefore be out of reach for three (or four) days. To put it simply, my muse would be on hiatus.

Will be back to continue fail! logs, don't worry! Chuuuuu~♥

23rd-Mar-2009 03:54 pm - Hiatus Post orz
I hate to do this so soon in the game but alas, my Spring Break starts today and my friends and I have been planning a trip for some time now. I won't be available from Tuesday to Sunday, basically.
We're departing Wednesday, March 25, 2009.
I'll be back fully Monday, March 30, 2009.

Don't have too much fun without me, just kidding! ♥
10th-Mar-2009 12:14 pm - MOD POST #2 + OFFICIAL OPENING
The Royal Shuffler
Hello all! :)

1) First and foremost, let the roleplaying begin! =D You may now head over to the main community to start up logs and so on. The start of each new "day" in RP terms will be indicated by a post stating the weather and date.

2) Still in progress... the geography / meteorology / religion / basic kingdom information post which I promised you. I apologize for the delay! Once again, feedback and contributions are very much welcome, I'll love to hear your inputs. :)

3) We wish Kamenashi-mun who recently had to pull out of the Royal Shuffle the best of luck! ♥ 

4) On the other hand, I'm also happy to announce that we have a few new additions to the community, so do remember to update your friends list. Welcome, welcome! =D

5) Last but not least a final reminder for the week: For those who still have yet to to turn IP Logging off for your muse journal(s), please kindly do so.

9th-Mar-2009 01:58 am - DROPPING
This is very soon and probably unexpected but I am dropping Kamenashi Kazuya.
My honest apologies to everyone, especially to those who wanted to plot.
I have not replied to any plots so he does not have any (though there are ideas of some muns, of which I'm sure you guys could continue to develop with the next mun who takes Kame =3), nor does he have any logs (obviously) so I am not sure what to say more.
I shall take my leave now.

Take care everyone and have fun with this RP.♥
3rd-Mar-2009 11:30 pm - MOD POST #1
The Royal Shuffler
Hello all! :)

1) First of all, as much as my enthusiasm would be, very sadly, much restricted onscreen, a very warm welcome to everyone who's joined the Royal Shuffle so far! ♥

2) Roleplaying will officially start next week, so gird your loins do start gearing up with the plotting and interaction if you haven't begun to do so! I will be posting a go-ahead of sorts, so once you see the post feel free to fire away. ;)

3) Coming up soon: a geography / meteorology / religion / basic kingdom information post, which will hopefully aid everyone in envisioning how the setting of our RP will be like. Feedback and contributions are very much welcome, I'll love to hear your inputs. :)

4) And here's the obligatory naggy reminder to update your friends list and join both main RP and OOC communities if you haven't done so. Membership is moderated, but I will proceed with approving the requests as soon as I can.

5) Please remember to turn IP Logging off for all muse journals as well.

6) Last but not least, do make your way to the Mun Contact Information post here to find out how to contact other players, and enable others to reach you as well! :)
22nd-Feb-2009 12:32 am - The Add List
The Royal Shuffler
Here's a nifty list (will be updated frequently) you can use to update your friends list with the latest additions to the community.

Simply paste this in the command console window and click the execute button.
21st-Feb-2009 03:12 pm - Frequently-Asked Questions
The Royal Shuffler
Below are some questions that you might want to ask the Moderator. I've tried my best to key in the questions that may be raised before and during the course of the RP, but feel free to ask away should you have any other questions besides those listed below. :) For privacy purposes, you may post your questions using your real-life journal; all comments are screened.

Frequently-asked Q'sCollapse )

Again should there be other concerns regarding the RP, feel free to comment to this post. All comments are screened. :)

21st-Feb-2009 12:26 pm - Claimed List
The Royal Shuffler

All muses claimed in the community are listed here.

Claimed!Collapse )
The Royal Shuffler

For the past centuries, Estienne has proven itself to be a most powerful and influential nation, governing even those territories that are far beyond its borders with an iron-clad hand. Famous for its supreme and ever growing militia, the kingdom and its people bow to no one. The line of kings that have sat upon its mighty throne are all adept leaders, able to serve the people honestly and justly.

The last change of ruling hands, however, seemed to have put a quick descent on the Kingdom's once shining star and fortunes.

Tasked with governing an impressive kingdom, the new ruler was a boy-King who then had to rely heavily upon the guidance of men who were older, more experienced and knowledgeable in the art of politics. These trusted men, however, turned out to be masters of deceit, manipulating the new King accordingly, taking the power slowly from the unsuspecting Royal. Disputes in Court brewed until finally, it has been divided into two factions – one whose loyalty lies with the King, and the other with a Duke, who also has a powerful claim to the throne.

The King's current stand on the war between Estienne and the neighboring Aquitania, with whom they fought a long and bitter war, was the smoking gun. For a populace who prided in their homeland's triumphs, a treaty between their Kingdom and its rival was unacceptable.

One faction, the House of Avalon sees this concession as a weakness, much less a valid solution to the conflicts between Estienne and Aquitania. Instead, they believe the kingdom should pursue the course of war in order to win back what was previously their rightful territory. Alongside the continual loss of land came the shutting down of much trade with other parts of the realm, as former Estiennian trading ports and routes were forcibly taken over by Aquitanian authorities who once again controlled the area.

On the other hand, The House of Wyndham remains faithful to the current monarch, rallying for his continued reign despite the widespread belief that he is incapable of doing so. This faction favors cultivating a diplomatic, if not friendly relationship with their former adversary, even if it meant losing more land and resources. To the countryfolk residing in the borders of Estienne, this peace settlement is a more popular choice for they have witnessed and experienced first hand the side effects of war more than those in the central regions. As simple folk, their main concern is a short-term one -- a stable and peaceful home they can live in.
The Kingdom's Ruling DynastyCollapse )
The Kingdom's ChildrenCollapse )
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